Team Coaching


The program aims to increase the depth and quality of relationships between people who interact with each other within an organization and who cooperate to produce business results. Team Coaching enables a person to be aware of contributions s/he will consciously make when teaming up. (Duration: 2 days + 1 day + 4 x half days).


To improve team relationship management skills of executives by deepening the team relationship within the context of trust, respect and positive interactions; to create awareness about current performances and efficiencies and to enable the executives to plan development-oriented actions and to support with coaching method throughout implementation stage of such actions.

Who is it for?

  • Executives teams,
  • All teams oriented towards a common goal,
  • Teams of N-1,N-2 department manages,
  • Teams of people who manage or run a process,
  • A team of all employees of a department,
  • Teams to start a new project,
  • Teams with conflict and problematic relationships,
  • All relationships in which you wish to improve relation quality and deepness,


  • Increasing positivity and productivity of relationships within a team,

  • Assuring higher performance,
  • Achieving shared goals,
  • Improving team spirit,
  • Reflecting learned skills onto all relationships,/li>
  • Increasing productivity and effectiveness of the team,
  • Strengthening the team spirit,
  • Reflection of learned skills on all relationships,
  • Increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the team,


After the evaluation step (TDA test is optional), there will be a 2-day Team Coaching Training. 4 to 6 weeks after this training, there will be a 1-day Team Coaching follow-up as well as 4-half day Team Coaching meetings to be held in the following 6-month period with 6 to 8-week intervals.

Program Contents

  • Self-observation and awareness,
  • Characteristics of effective teams,
  • The Best Team PRACTICAL,
  • To become a conscious and intent-based Team Leader,
  • Meta skills PRACTICAL,
  • To make a team pact and create team climate,
  • Emotions and management PRACTICAL,
  • 2 Dimensions of Effective Teams,
  • Positivity and Productivity Scales,
  • Third Identity Exercise,
  • … Ship PRACTICAL,
  • Toxicity in Relationships and four horsemen of the apocalypse,
  • Feedback and appreciation practices,
  • Practicing the theory,

How does it work?

Workshops focusing on team learning help participants to identify concepts and essential competencies that will enable them to understand the team dynamics as a part of a “system”. The Workshops include trainings on Measurement of Team Productivity, Working on Team Profile and -if needed- Team Skills trainings focusing on “continuous team development”. The training is interactive and experimental; when the training is completed, the participants will gain the new awareness levels, tools and skillsets that they can use right away.

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