Social Styles


Social Styles training has an effective role in helping the participant to get to know personal social styles and social styles of others as well as increasing quality of communication through displaying behaviors fit to the respondent in professional and private lives, and improving ability to discuss. The program focuses on our ability to adapt to different and/or challenging people.

Duration: 2-day or 4 x 3-hour online sessions


  • To improve communication in in-house and external relationships,
  • To help the participant to find his/her social style,
  • To learn methods of finding out the style of others in a very short period of time,
  • To identify strategies on how to approach each social style,
  • To improve versatility,
  • To improve ability to communicate with different people based on expectations of different communication styles,
  • To easily communicate with and to persuade challenging people (including internal-external customers),
  • To have insight about insufficiencies and strengths of our behaviors,
  • To make reliable observations about behaviors of others, 
  • To develop a method of communication that considers other people’s needs and preferences,
  • To improve personal strengths and strengths of others even further to have efficient relationships.

Who is it for?

  • Executives,
  • Specialists,
  • Human resources professionals,
  • Sales executives,
  • Sales specialists,
  • Anyone interacting with internal and external customers


  • Getting to know yourself and others better,
  • Improving the quality of communication,
  • Improving versatility and harmony,
  • Improving ability to influence and persuade,
  • Strengthening customer relationships,

Program Contents

  • Behavior and observing the behavior,
  • 3 dimensions of behavior,
  • Determining the 4 styles,
  • Determining our own styles,
  • Determining styles of others,
  • Strategies against different styles,
  • Expectations and needs of different styles,
  • Tips to improve versatility.

How does it work?

This program is available as classroom training and also as distance and online training via interactive teleconferences. This training focuses on the personal learning process and helps participants to identify the concepts and essential competencies enabling them to understand themselves as a “system”. The training is participatory and experimental; the participants will also learn from each other while moving along the program with new levels of awareness, tools, and skillsets that can be used right away.

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