Our Philosophy

Our Perspective

Our fundamental philosophy is to create an environment where the most correct and updated information can be taught experimentally. Our approach is to make all mindsets and skill models related to coaching and leadership parts of your DNA and to internalize these during programs.

We unconditionally believe that none of our participants should leave our programs without feeling well emotionally. Our priority is to offer a learning environment where all program participants can feel safe, go into more depth while having fun and form the habit of learning.

Submarine is a coaching and leadership institution best known for the programs organized for corporations and its ability to masterfully create learning programs that lead to meaningful changes in terms of intention, mindset, skill and behaviors. Our philosophy is to turn long-lasting, continuous and deep learning experiences into actions / behaviors.

A Submarine is the world’s only vessel that can go deeper and also move forward thanks to its maneuvering capacity. The purpose of coaching is to create the same impact by leveraging the client’s current potential: To raise awareness by going deeper and to take action self-confidently for moving forward. To create POSITIVE CHANGE in a person’s life…  

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