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This program is for anyone who continues the journey of becoming a professional coach and focuses on improving and extending coaching skills through mentor coaching service, a prerequisite of becoming an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coach. All coaches might join this program after completing a formation program offered by an ICF-accredited coaching school if they wish to continue their journey of learning. The learning cycle is triggered with a practical and theoretical process offered by our mentor coaches who cover all coaching competencies, supervise and provide feedback on recorded coaching sessions.

Duration: The mentor coaching program is a total 10-hour process. 1-hour sessions will be scheduled every 15 days. The process takes about total of 6 months.


  • To develop and deepen the skills required for meeting the ICF-Coaching standards,
  • To be certified as a Mentor Coach, a pre-requisite of becoming an Accredited Coach, 
  • To leverage the coachee seat and to turn it into a learning opportunity,
  • To complete the entire integrated coaching process and to experience time-based learning and dynamics of change,
  • To detail and strengthen competencies,
  • To master the practices,


Mentor coaching program is a total 10-hour process. 1-hour sessions will be scheduled every 15 days. The process takes about total 6 months.

Who is it for?

  • All coaches intending to have ICF and other Coaching accreditations,
  • All coaches planning to improve their coaching skills with a third-party’s perspective,
  • Coaches coming from different coaching schools/disciplines/training backgrounds and planning to diversify coaching abilities,
  • Human Resources executives functioning as internal coaches and other internal coaches


  • A systematic review of all tools,
  • You will coach the mentor coach for 20 to 25 minutes and then the mentor coach will give you feedback and assess your coaching,
  • The mentor coach will coach you towards the goals you set and then you will assess the coaching process with the mentor coach,
  • You will record your previous coaching process you provided and send it to the mentor; the mentor coach will listen to these recordings and provide feedback,
  • All ICF competences will be reviewed and all coaching practices will be evaluated within the framework of these competences, 
  • You will refer to a mentor coach on a case-by-case basis for your external coaching practices if you feel the need and if you feel stuck at any point, and you will have a new perspective towards these cases and the mentor coach’s perspective will expand your horizon,
  • Mentoring through sharing ideas and experiences that focus on next steps in your coaching journey and creating a “roadmap”,  
  • Review of ICF coaching competences and deepening all necessary skills.

How does it work?

The process starts by evaluating the existing knowledge and skills of the mentee based on ICF competences and then each competence will be reviewed theoretically. False facts and true facts will be identified together. We will focus on the unknown to diversify the learning range in every competence. Feedback will be provided for the coaching practices throughout the process and the goal is to make sure that new information can be applied in following coaching and its impact might be experienced.

You will have insight about different approaches and perspectives related to coaching. The mentee will experience the coaching process as a coach and also as a mentee and this will improve competences through emphatic learning method.

The coaching infrastructure will be deepened by offering supportive reading materials and different sources.

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