Mental Process of Selling


Prerequisites of developing behaviors and habits are to visualize the process in your mind and to decide with the mind model. It is not possible to take any action, if such action is not accepted by our mind. Thus, a salesperson must be mentally formatted to sell and persuade form the get-go. Mental Process of Selling Program focuses on clarifying what goes in the mind of a salesperson and understanding & having a clear picture of what goes in the mind of the customer. The program is an experimental journey of discovery and focuses on helping all salespersons to discover, have a clear sense of what goes in their minds and also on closing sales.

Duration: 2-day or 4 x 3-hour online sessions


  • To learn mental rules of sales,
  • To create a mentality-fit salesperson identity,
  • To improve self-values,
  • To discover mental models boosting and lowering performance,
  • To have new and impactful habits aimed at business excellence,
  • To have the mindset that does not complain but comes up with solutions,

Who is it for?

  • Sales representatives,
  • Sales specialists,
  • All salespersons who do not receive sales training,
  • Sales executives,


  • Creating a shared mindset embraced by all in-house salespersons,
  • Getting to know oneself; highlighting strengths; identifying areas of development and working on such areas,
  • Being at peace with oneself, co-workers and customers,
  • Ability to manage reactions to things experienced and to find solutions,
  • Seeing one’s job as a profession and being committed to self-improvement in the area of sales,
  • Getting rid of judgmental mindset and victim psychology and embracing a learner’s mindset to do better,

Increase in customer satisfaction, motivation, employee engagement and sales, 

Program Contents

  • Why positive mental behavior?
  • Introduction to Sales
  • Key factors of psychological sales
  • Business excellence in sales
  • Keys of Success in Sales
  • Introduction to internal coaching
  • Our goals and mental process
  • Formation of behavior
  • Perception and our assumptions
  • % 100 calibration with the customer
  • 4 models in communication
  • Why and how we learn?
  • Our perception of the world
  • Our Intellectual Model
  • Expanding Vision
  • Unveiling our Sales Potential
  • Creating Self-value
  • Personal development paths

How does it work?

This program is available as classroom training and also as a distance and online training via interactive teleconferences. This training focuses on personal learning process and helps participants to identify the concepts and essential competencies enabling them to understand themselves as a “system”. The training is participatory and experimental; the participants will also learn from each other while moving along the program with new levels of awareness, tools and skillsets that can be used right away.

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