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DEEP Awareness, Agile FORWARD Action for Positive Change

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Continuous and Sustainable LEARNING for Long-Lasting Culture

Leadership Coaching for Managers

We are Different
Because of CHANGE running in our blood,
TRANSFORMATION we are proud of

Making a Difference by Talking

The best way to make your dreams come true IS TO WAKE UP.
(If you crack an egg from outside, this ends a life.
If a beak cracks an egg from inside, a life starts to breathe.)

Our Perspective

Our main philosophy is to create an experiential teaching environment for the most accurate and updated information. Our point of view; The whole mentality and skill model related to coaching and leadership is mixed into the blood and internalized during the programs.

Our Training and Programs

The Story of Change

When you throw a stone into the sea, first, you will see small ripples; these ripples spread out
further and further and then return to the back to the origin. Then, a new ripple will follow…
Then, ripples spreading out and disappearing again and again…

But, what happens to the stone? The stone continues to move under the sea. Then, it scares a
shoal of small fishes; they change their course and thus create a current. This current disturbs
another fish deep on the bottom of the sea and it swims away. Seaweed on the bottom moves
and this wiggle of the seaweed moves a stone.
This chain of change process repeats itself over and over. Coaching is also one’s journey of
self-reflection. We cannot fully understand, observe its effect momentarily…

The process of change continues slowly and slowly within us. This is why coaching throws
pebbles into a person’s mind and keeps the process of change fresh.

Always Deep and Forward

Submarine (SBM Derin ve Ileri) was founded in February 2010 by Enis Arslan in Istanbul. Enis Arslan, a professional coach, transferred his 20 years of human resources, training and managerial experience in the business world, coaching and leadership experience to Submarine.

All program leaders are accredited professional coaches who have worked in different management positions in corporate life for many years, are experienced and in love with their job, open to learning.

Submarine is an organization that focuses on the development of the coaching and leadership skills of leaders in corporate life and serves the needs.

Submarine is a corporate coaching and internal coaching program, ICF approved BCA
Canadian partner of the ( Business Coaching Advantage ) program PDLG
Together with ( PeopleDynamics Learning Group Inc. ), it also provides intensive services to institutions in Turkey.

BCA (For Business Coaching Advantage program, you can find more detailed information at )

Coming from you

“The Business Coaching Advantage Program provides leaders with tools that describe how they can support their teammates in unlocking their potential with an empowering leadership approach. By adding spirit and emotion to your business-related dialogues with a coaching perspective blended from different schools, you can make your common goals more meaningful with heart-to-heart communication.”
Zühre Işılak

HR Learning and Development Supervisor, Ford Otosan

“I must state that it is an extremely useful training. As you know, Professional Coaching Training is a training that takes a long time and requires complete expertise, while Koçvari Management Training is a training that aims to ask the right questions to managers in a short time instead of telling them, to remove the necessary obstacles for people to do their work instead of to manage, to question instead of criticize. I think it creates awareness in the understanding of Leadership in managers.”
Barış Arpacı

Human Resources Director, FNSS

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+90 534 893 5676