Executive Leadership Coaching


Leadership Coaching is a guidance process offered to all executives who must lead themselves and lead others go through any period of change; the process is based on confidentiality and voluntary participation of the coachee; the goal is to achieve self-realization about one’s potential and guide towards the goals set in one’s personal and professional life.

All coaching sessions are conducted as extended, deep, quality and structured conversations so that learning process can lead to long-lasting transformation. Coaching meetings / conversations focus on goals and themes determined before the coaching sessions. All advantages of a two-way learning mechanism and constructive interaction are leveraged. These deep conversations lead to insights.

A journey of change and transformation might be possible through these coaching sessions. Major learning experiences help us to internalize not only the “in-the-moment” issues but also general learning principles that will positively reshape our approach to all similar issues we might encounter in life.

This is why the leadership coaching focuses on the individual and development rather than focusing on solution of a problem.

All coaching sessions are performed by ICF-accredited coaches who are experts of their respective fields and have the necessary competences / capabilities.


  • To improve an executive’s competency and skills and to shares experiences,
  • To realize a perspective focusing on strengths; to use strengths consciously; to improve strengths even further;
  • Self-knowledge; to discover what you want; why you want it And how you can achieve it;
  • To achieve a mindset and skills that will inspire people you work and live with and increase the capacity to widespread positive behaviors,
  • To help participants find long-lasting and effective solutions to overcome problems they encounter in personal and professional life,
  • To improve learning and learning strategies,
  • To be a source of knowledge throughout learning process of others,
  • To provide a neutral and independent learning – development environment; to make sure that an executive can turn into visionary leaders. 

Who is it for?

  • Anyone going through a period of change,
  • Senior executives,
  • Mid-level executives,
  • New Executives,
  • Candidates who have the potential of becoming an executive and who are in the talent development pools, 
  • Executives with higher and shifting areas of responsibility / areas of influence,
  • Leaders wishing to make rapid and radical changes in their lives,
  • Project leaders,
  • Team leaders,
  • Individuals going through challenging periods of change or traumas in their personal lives,
  • Executives looking for continuous self-improvement and self-renewal,
  • Individuals on the eve of managing key decision making process.

Program Contents

  • “Goal Setting Meeting” of the coachee, his/her supervisor, Human Resources Management to set the coaching-process goals,
  • Preferably, leadership / personal evaluation test and tools will be used,
  • Total 10-hour program divided into 1-hour sessions to be held every 2 or 3 weeks (the first interview is 2-hour discovery meeting) Face-to-face or online sessions,
  • Coaching process evaluation meeting to be held by the coachee, his/her supervisor, human resources management after 10 hours (9 sessions),
  • The process shall be completed in 6 to 8 months.


  • Self-knowledge, discovery of values and values reflected in actions,
  • Effective management of relationships,
  • As a leader, having awareness in mindset model and have the ability to improve, if necessary,
  • Awareness about leadership competences and transformation to ideal,
  • Personal maturation and achieving clarity,
  • Establishing balance between professional and private life,
  • Improved personal traits (patience, calmness, being trustable and trusting others, tolerance, people – performance focus balance, identifying priorities, clarity, being down-to-earth, sincerity etc.),  
  • Expanded perspective when solving problems,
  • Being a coach-like leader who enhances others and facilitates learning,
  • Internalizing clarity, simplicity and pureness,
  • Achieving personal and professional goals,
  • Sensing thresholds and discovering ways to overcome such thresholds,  
  • Improving the competence to make a decision in the path of achieving the desired outcome in terms of competences and behaviors in the professional and personal lives,
  • Starting the transformation to be wise and be a role model,

How does it work?

Leadership coaching is offered through one-on-one, unbiased and adult-to-adult structured conversations respecting confidentiality. Making suggestions and guiding are not parts of the process; the goal is to achieve self-awareness through personal insights and to experience the learning process. The participant should find answers using his/her potential as well as discovering through self-reflection and the participant should learn from any action taken self-confidently. 

The program focuses on the person rather than focusing on the subject. The goal is to realize what can be possible with awareness about world perspective and by making necessary changes. Outcomes and impacts of changing preferences can be learned by experiencing how they can be changed.

Learning how to learn is the key output of leadership coaching. This offers and deepens the feeling of integrity permanently and continuously without a coach; the program offers irreversible development and teaches this experience.   

Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it is amazing what they can accomplish.

Sam Walton

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