In-the-Moment Sales Coaching


Anyone -who does not necessarily have to have knowledge about fundamentals of coaching- might join the In-the-Moment Sales Coaching Program if they manage a team / supervise or observe the sales process and if they are in charge of sales performance. The two-day program discusses sales coaching speech skills focusing on sales skills and by using fundamental coaching skills during a sales conversation/interview. Coaching conversations to be had after observing the sales conversations will help the salesperson to realize behaviors contributing to the sales and preventing sales; the coaching skills will help to internalize how a teaching can be turned into a system. You will have a perspective within the framework of In-the-Moment / Timely / Moment-to-Moment coaching for short-term coaching practices.

Duration: 2-day or 4 x 3-hour online sessions


  • To identify opportunities and areas of development -focusing In-the-Moments- when the teams sell and/or perform their duties,
  • To gain skills that will help identifying a person’s strengths and areas of personal development as a coach,
  • To turn after-sales coaching speeches into learning and motivational tools,
  • To provide the optimum feedback to his/her teams,
  • To have short-term coaching conversations instead of planned coaching discussions,

Who is it for?

  • Sales team executives,
  • Persons supervising the sales process and salesperson,
  • Persons observing the sales process and salesperson,
  • Persons providing feedback to the salesperson,
  • Persons aiming to create performance of salesperson.


  • A new perspective about Identity of a Sales Coach,
  • Shifting between Mentorship-Leadership-Coaching concepts,
  • Executive’s stance as a person creating awareness instead of a person instructing
  • Profound awareness achieved in a short period of time about team members’ areas of development,
  • Applicable methods to be implemented right away,
  • Performance and sales increase,
  • Time-saving,
  • Teams solving problems not causing them,
  • Adapting the team members to the coaching stance,
  • Increasing efficiency of planned coaching discussions,
  • Creating a learning atmosphere where executives continuously focus on self-development and development of others, 

Program contents

  • In-the-moment / Timely / Moment-to-Moment Sales Management
  • Concept of Mindset
  • ASK skills
  • Observation
  • Ideal Sales Process (Sales steps of the company)
  • Asking a Question
  • Levels of listening
  • Feedback
  • Designing an Action Plan
  • Actions follow-up system
  • Emergency Question Kit
  • Focusing Framework
  • Non-face-to-face In-the-Moment Sales Coaching

How does it work?

This program is available as classroom training and also as a distance and online training via interactive teleconferences. This training focuses on personal learning process and helps participants to identify the concepts and essential competencies enabling them to understand themselves as a “system”. The training is participatory and experimental; the participants will also learn from each other while moving along the program with new levels of awareness, tools and skillsets that can be used right away.

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