This program aims to prepare leaders for the innovation climate and mental process. The program highlights that each person has an impact on creating an atmosphere where ideas creating economic and social added value are shared and produced. The participants experience and internalize the awareness of keeping this impact, this climate on the positive side. (Duration: 2 days or 4 x 3-hour online sessions).


This program aims to help leaders to:


  • Have a clear vision about perception and meaning of innovation,
  • Create an innovation climate / culture,
  • Improve innovative thinking skills of others and support contributions to the area of innovation, 
  • Encourage innovation,
  • Overcome personal barriers and realize innovation

Who is it for?

  • All executives wishing to lead with an innovative mindset,
  • Team leaders,
  • Project managers and team members,
  • R&D Managers and professionals,
  • Anyone wishing to work with employees having an innovative approach.


  • Leaders and all personnel having an innovative mindset,
  • Profitability,
  • Creating innovation culture,
  • Releasing collective thinking potential,
  • Creating deep democracy culture,
  • Increasing personnel efficiency,
  • Innovative structuring.

Program Contents

  • How do we reach to innovation?
  • Definition of Innovation,
  • Needs and innovation,
  • Innovation motivation and values,
  • Innovation algorithm,
  • Innovation climate and culture,
  • How should I be a part of innovation?
  • Innovative mindset,
  • Creative thinking,
  • Innovation in all aspects of life,
  • Examples of innovation,
  • Practices.

How does it work?

This program is available as classroom training and also as a distance and online training via interactive teleconferences. This training focuses on personal learning process and helps participants to identify the concepts and essential competencies enabling them to understand themselves as a “system”. The training is participatory and experimental; the participants will also learn from each other while moving along the program with new levels of awareness, tools and skillsets that can be used right away.

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