Competency Trainings


Executives and leaders must have the competencies expected by the organizations as well as the underlying behavioral indicators of such competencies to deliver higher performance. Competency training enhances the competencies expected from an organization’s leader and turns such competencies into behaviors.

Duration: depends on the number of competencies covered; 2-day or 4 x 3-hour online sessions for 3 competencies.


  • To align participants in the process of understanding the concept of competences,
  • To help individuals to internalize their competences and related behavioral indicators,
  • To increase performance,
  • To help participants to have observable behaviors and do skill model of each competence,
  • To have self-development awareness,
  • To create positive and effective work environment,
  • To have long-lasting and continuous competence behavior,

Who is it for?

  • All executives,
  • Specialists,
  • HR Professionals,
  • Individuals wishing to improve their competences and behavioral indicators before and after performance review,
  • Key personnel who needs to improve competences


The participants will:

  • Have a clear view about predetermined competencies and related behavioral indicators,
  • Do self-evaluation about each competence
  • Have more insight about behaviors that need to be more frequent and take action,
  • Achieve theoretical and skill-caliber teachings about developmental behaviors, 
  • Internalize expected behaviors,
  • Have competitive edge,
  • Adapt to growth and change,
  • Increase their performances,
  • Have performance conversations as expected,
  • Save Time,
  • Be a role model for others,
  • Be more prepared for senior positions
  • Have increased levels of motivation and engagement.


  • Enhancing the others
  • Being change and growth driven
  • Effective decision making
  • Being result-oriented
  • Persuasion and influencing
  • Representing
  • Strategic thinking, planning and organization
  • Communication, Collaboration
  • Being quality oriented
  • Taking responsibility
  • Creating and reflecting vision

How does it work?

This program is available as classroom training and also as distance and online training via interactive teleconferences. This training focuses on the personal learning process and helps participants to identify the concepts and essential competencies enabling them to understand themselves as a “system”. The training is participatory and experimental; the participants will also learn from each other while moving along the program with new levels of awareness, tools and skillsets that can be used right away.

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